M … is for Moments

M is for Moments...

M is for Moments…

M is for Moments…

Not a very big thing, a Moment. After all it’s only about a minutes worth of time. Not a lot can happen, right?

Wrong! So wrong.

Life may be measured in years, but the quality of life is weighed up by the moments. So many great events in history (your own, and the world’s) are known not by the “whole” event but by specific moments within it.

Some events in life become a bit of a blur, ask any mother how childbirth was and you’ll discover the amazing ability to let go of certain memories and hold onto others. When caused to think about it, the rest may be recalled, but the moments that sit in your mind, in the forefront, are the magical moments that make life wonderful, and unfortunately those moments that stay for a less happy reason.

I remember a moment in March about twenty-four years ago, when my daughter laughed. What on earth makes you remember that one moment, you might ask… it was the moment my new baby laughed for the first time. For the fans of the original story, where it’s explained that when a baby laughs for the first time and the laugh falls to the floor and breaks into pieces, and each piece becomes a fairy… well, when my darling girl, who was asleep in my arms, laughed on her sleep it was such a magical sound that I could fully understand how a Scotsman could be inspired to write it into a story (think Peter Pan by J M Barrie).

Do you remember the song playing when you met your someone special? Or perhaps a place you went to. I bet you remember your first kiss, or certainly that first kiss with your beloved. In amongst all the chaos of the day, I remember a moment when my eyes locked with my beloved, I didn’t know what the future would hold but I knew he was going to factor in it. Later, I discovered that look and that feeling went both ways.

How was your wedding? Ours was blur of fun and people, a great party in the garden of a friend of ours, with a barbecue lunch. Or was it tea? Someone says it rained for part of it, but I don’t remember that. I remember other moments. Like the stumbly moment when the ring caught as it went on my finger, my beloved wasn’t sure how firmly to push.

My friend was telling me he remembers the moment he met his beloved, face to face for the first time… he remembers her smile.

Moments can be great, wonderful, and life-changing. Or perhaps terrible. They can be small or world-wide, personal or public knowledge. They can also be  I remember precisely my husband ringing me to tell me to put the telly on and I saw footage of the twin towers falling.

I remember a moment in 1979. The moment I saw my Mum on the phone, and she suddenly went white as a sheet and sat down. I hung around worried… and heard about the Erebus disaster. My dad was next in line to get on the plane, on standby at Christchurch airport. His bad luck to miss the photographic flight of his lifetime was too close to comfort for my mum who sat there shaking like a leaf for about half an hour, realising how close she’d come to being one of the many traumatised grieving families.

My life is full of incredible moments from seeing the white plastic stick in my hand announce my first child… to a conversation with that same child, aged nearly six, about rose bushes. My mother remembers well the wonderful conversation with the same inquisitive child about Gravity. At about 5.30am one morning when she stayed overnight.

I remember the moment I was on the train, heading into the station of the town I was moving to. Just me and my cat. Never been there before, but somehow I knew it was right because of the sense of ‘coming home’.  It turned out to be a major turning point in my life, not just a fleeting passage.

Moments can be so important… this is why we have the word momentous. It was indeed a momentous occasion that such-and-such a person made such-and-such a speech… somewhere in UK there’s a carefully framed transcript of the announcement of the D-Day landing at Normandy, Winston Churchill’s signature in the corner, and a letter presenting the pages to the newsreader who read out that momentous piece of news that morning. (Thanks Antiques Roadshow for the info).

Moments stay in your memory like treasured jewels, giving a sparkle to your life whenever recalled.

Then again, there are the moments that happen that you don’t necessarily notice, but they affect your life anyway. They may be a moment of importance in someone else’s life and have an effect on the direction of yours. And sometimes you will move on for some time quite unaware of the effect for a long time, perhaps even years.

Sometimes a moment will be your own, and other times it is shared with others around you… About to leave town to go home after the long weekend spent house-hunting, after looking at a about ten on the short list and now being out of time, my beloved and I tried an agent in particular “one last time” as we’d not had our calls returned. We had just about given up on the whole house hunting as nothing had been right.  We got to look at the house after all – just! We walked inside with a friend and had a wee wander through… all three of stopped and looked at each other, all at the same moment, and said “this is the one” … the three of us still laugh about that moment.

If you want a life that’s really worth looking back over in your later years…. then make the most of the Moments. The difficult or painful ones are usually there to teach us lessons, and really, how could we enjoy the good moments without the contrast?

Go ahead ~ make the most of the moments!

Make the most of your moments!

Make the most of your moments!


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