I is for … imagine

I is for Imagine ...

I is for Imagine …

I is for imagine…

John Lennon turned the world upside down with this song that shot to the charts when it was released. It was liked by a huge number of people in all age groups and all areas. This song reached into the minds and hearts of many and to the very souls of a few.

An imagination is an incredible gift. Nurture it and feed it… if you have children then nurture theirs too ~ they will be all the better for it. There is nothing quite as sad a child with a stifled imagination.

In childhood Make Believe games are indispensable for teaching your child … all children start life as a sponge just waiting for the experiences around them to soak in and assimilate into their brains as knowledge. We cannot possibly take our child to see all the world, so look at books and pictures, tell stories, play and make believe!  In ancient times the older members of a village would act out stories of the hunt to the younger members, not just to relive the excitement but to teach, hunting of course, but also the dangers, the ‘maps’ of the land, the other people or animals that had been encountered. … There was no google in those days, and no facebook too …


As the world evolved, still the oral language was most important and acting out scenes, telling very descriptive stories remained the most important method of passing on news and education, this is why storytellers were so highly regarded in so many cultures. The imagination of the listener was fed richly on elaborate tales of far away as well as near neighbours. History was taught thoroughly in this manner and even after the various forms of paper were introduced, the spoken history remained paramount as only the wealthy could afford paper or vellum, and only the very few educated who were able to write could use it. Some of the best known stories ~ or collections of stories ~ were handed down for hundreds of years verbally until someone decide to get them written into books.

Children’s imaginations today are nowhere near as well exercised as their thumbs… instead of reading, they’ll watch a movie, or worse: some ridiculous reality show. Instead of playing outside with friends in the garden, they’ll sit online and build a house, or farm, and visit friends that only exist on their screen, whether it’s a game screen, tv, computer/tablet or cell phone. Communication is at an all-time low, even though communication technology is selling at quite a high.


“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”  William Arthur Ward

Without imagination this world would have none of the incredible inventions we see every day… good grief, without some wild thought way back then ~ we might not even have the wheel! To imagine is to create in your mind that which is not in your life for real: whether it’s simply out of reach, or has not yet been thought of. Some of the world’s best scientists give credit to imagination, in their pursuit of science: Einstein said: “I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”


What can you imagine? A better world like John Lennon did? An invention that hasn’t been thought of, or perhaps a new use for something that has already been invented.

Movie makers and writers of novels keep us entertained for hours at a time with their imaginations… other artists show us an aspect of life we hadn’t imagined at all! The best of these though, would be the authors who stimulate our own imaginations, rather than just entertain.

The power of the mind is incredible, if used to advantage during some sort of healing treatment, the patient’s imagination can enhance ~ or inhibit ~ the treatment.

By fuelling one’s imagination the bonds and limits of reality are broken and all sorts of things can be achieved. One company was reported to have the design team called in to come up with a new idea for a container for a drink. The think tank team were given almost no information about what was wanted… and came up with an amazing array of ideas, simply because they weren’t limited in any way to the goal. These are the sort of people who look for a solution instead of looking at a problem.

Technology and Design is taught at colleges (high schools) all around New Zealand, and I’ve seen some of the results ~ Amazing! Highly imaginative designers creating incredible items of jewellery, clothing, art, mechanics and industry. I’ve seen a few exhibitions now that have rather taken my breath away. What a wonderful life is ahead for these innovative people.

Everyone has a creative touch inside them somewhere ~ find yours and play with it. You might just surprise yourself.

Imagine - Yoko Ono

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