H is for Hate…

H is for Hate

H is for Hate

H is for Hate … It worries me how much hate there is in this world… what good is hate?

Humans are capable of a whole bunch of emotions: love; joy; pride; happiness; peace; sadness; shame; surprise; anger; envy; fear; and hate all come to mind. And I’m fairly sure you can come up with lots of other descriptions yourself.

In the 4th century BC Aristotle identified 14 emotions that he described as ‘irreducible’. They are: Anger, Calm, Friendship, Enmity, Fear, Confidence, Shame, Shamelessness, Kindness, Pity, Indignation, Envy, Emulation, and Contempt.

Today seven basic emotions are recognised: surprise; sadness; joy; contempt; disgust; fear and anger. All other emotions are combinations of these (apparently).

The scientists of the world have left HATE of the list, so why does it overcome our world so much?

Most of our emotions are to guide us through life in some way. Such as fear which will trigger our defence mechanisms, originally to prompt us to flee a wild animal, still useful.

Love comes into the Joy category. These both serve us well, making life worth living, giving us a boost of energy, and love, of course is what knits our communities together.Very important emotions indeed. Love is why we keep caring for our babies when they drive us nuts.

Anger and sadness are both useful: Just as we feel love well up inside us, we also feel anger or sadness build up and these need releasing so we don’t blow. (I’m not sure quite why contempt and surprise are on the list).

However the one emotion I really cannot fathom is hate. Sure we all dislike things, but hate is such a strong word – a strong emotion, and it gets tossed about like tinsel at Christmas.

Hate is based on fear, with a touch of anger for self-defence.  It is what has caused so many wars, so many crimes, so many broken homes and people.

Scientists have studied brains and can show that brain activity reduces in times of love, but stays active whilst ‘hating’ … this means it actually takes brain power to hate ~ it’s not an automatic response … it has been learnt.

We each have the ability to dislike something, and dislike it strongly. Do you really hate your hair, or does it just annoy you. I know you love your kids, but do you really hate your mother-in-law? [Or sister-in-law, or pick a suitable person to be in this spot]

I realise that we are happy to hear ‘love’ and therefore should accept that an equally strong emotion should be allowed… but is it really needed?

It’s such a destructive emotion, along with jealousy and spite. Once you get a group together that all feel the same way, an unruly mob ensues and all hell breaks loose. Several countries have been divided for generation upon generation due to hate. There are plenty too, that have been pulled back and forth between rulers over centuries.

Whole races of people have been attacked simply because of their skin colour, their gods, their hair colour… This brutality has happened over centuries… when will it stop? It’s been a very long time since men would swear allegiance and go into battle for their king and country … and fight face to face with their leader against their enemy. At least in those days there was an element of honesty about the battles.

Nowadays the leaders sit in air-conditioned office with a panel of ‘experts’ and advisers, looking at screens and push buttons. And send other people to do their fighting. Cowards! Get out of the office, roll up your sleeves and punch each other. Then we’ll see how important your hate is.

There are many interpretations on ‘god’ and ‘gods’ either way it would appear that most of the gods people worship call for peace. The people of this world all came from the same source, whether you think that’s Eden, evolution or the same cavemen… underneath it all we’re all the same.

The likes of Darwin and Da Vinci showed us clearly that underneath the skin, we are all pretty much the same. Peel us and we all bleed the same colour blood.

Explorers who discovered small communities in the deep dark reaches of jungles, who had no previous contact with the outside world discovered some very basic similarities … they smiled to show happiness and friendship, their body language showed when they were nervous or afraid, and when they thought something was funny they laughed in the same language as the rest of this planet! Surely that shows the shared origins of the human race.

Would you kill your brother because he did something that made you angry? Your sister because she ‘loved’ a different idol (god or pop star, it’s all the same). The sad fact of this world is that there are people who will. They have had their hate fuelled either by others or themselves, and this hate has grown out of proportion.

When I see kids around the town saying how much they hate something (their bums usually) I wonder where it comes from. As I mentioned before Hate is a learned emotion.

The person carrying that hate around with them is weighing themselves down so much. That baggage is awfully heavy to carry, why don’t they just let it go?

I have a Facebook page… had it for years. It was a gown up version of whatever the previous trendy spot was. I ‘like’ things I see there, and I ‘like’ being able to catch up with friends and relations far away. I just don’t see why people want to go on there and bleat about how much they ‘hate’ something or someone… I’ve seen some strange things on there and linked to FB … but recently I saw this (appears to be nothing actually to do with FB):

Really? Hate your friends??

Really? Hate your friends??

I’m thinking, do they really want to find out who hates them? What then? Will they just hate them back… that’s what this is encouraging? Really? And these are meant to be Friends! I see posts so often where some big mouth person is putting down, or criticising harshly, or just plain being rude and obnoxious. Why? What do the Haters gain from it?

Hey Haters… I’m asking you! Does it make you big and strong to pick on someone over a computer? Does it make feel powerful to bitch and slag off hating a person, their post, their photos?

There are many support sites out there: cancer groups, downs syndrome, angelmans, hobby groups, equality, LGBT groups, parenting groups, professional, amateurs, this cause, that problem… and these are all great. If I want info or support, or simply a conversation in a particular group I can find one! I’m aware that FB policy is to not allow discrimination or hate speech, but some of the personal comments posted are just awful. If you’re sick of cute kittens or anniversary posts, go somewhere else.

The things I dislike that much in my life, I decide not to give energy to. Simple really. Why waste my energy on something or someone that I dislike, or that makes me feel unhappy. What’s the point?

Hate Speech is not Free Speech!

Hate Speech is not Free Speech!

I have strong views about some things. For instance I can’t stand bullies. You may have kind of picked that up in this post. But as much as I dislike them, I will prefer to ignore them, shut them out. If there was a “bullies and friends” I wouldn’t waste my time going there just to annoy the bullies. I can’t see the point.

I also really dislike certain religions and most religious callers. I deal with them much the same all over: I say, No thanks, and shut the door, or walk away. It’s not right, and it’s not necessary to beat them over the head with my umbrella just because they knocked on the door. Same goes if they pop up on my page. If you hate something so badly, turn away.

But then again, is it really HATE you feel, or are you being a bit dramatic? Think about the thing you hate, is it based on fear? Then learn more about it. It that hate really just irritation? Then calm down a bit and if the thing is so annoying – stop visiting it, stop feeding it, walk away and ignore it! Focus on what, and who, you like in life ~ the rest of it isn’t worth your effort.

Candle in the dark

Candle in the dark


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