E for Enough

E for enough

E for enough

E for … Enough.

When I was newly driving and watching at the petrol gauge… the needle was usually on E … E for enough was the phrase … hoping not to run out before arriving!

How many of you smile at the thought of “E for Enough” thinking about those trips and hoping not to run out of petrol… or perhaps hoping you might??


But really, what it ENOUGH ??

I read an interesting philosophy on ‘wishing enough’ for someone and it really struck a chord with me.

So many times I hear people say they wish they could win Lotto, and then they rattle of a list of all things they would buy if they won big on lotto …

Or there are those raffles to win a house, one so immense with sprawling rooms everywhere, 3 or 4 living rooms and family rooms, then there are several terrace/deck/balcony options, a garage to house 6 vehicles and about 6 bathrooms. And maybe 3 or 4 bedrooms.   … 3 or 4? … so this immense acreage of a house will only be for a couple with two or three kids? You could house a whole family in each of the different family rooms! Really!? Why does someone need that much space?

Enough is enough! Let’s be real.

I’m actually not interested in winning $27 Million on lotto, that’s ridiculous! I’d be thrilled to win $100,000 while others complain ‘that’s not enough.


My great wish for this world is that everyone has enough. No more but enough.

It makes me mad to think that 67 of the world’s richest people have more money (assets) than something like half the rest of the entire world population. And then think on… rather a lot of that population have nothing. No, not ‘not much’ but really – NOTHING. No home and not enough, if anything to eat.

Enough! Do the extra millions of dollars make those people happier? No, it’s your attitude that makes you happy. Are they healthier? No. More friends?  I bet No… not real friends.

I am happy to have enough. I have a house that I love to live in, enough food to eat, and for my pets too. I have enough family around to feel grounded, and friends enough to feel worthy. I have enough love in my life to know the value of us all.

A little more would be nice, a little less would be ok… but I really think the value of things is learnt so much better when you have less of a thing, than when you have excesses of it.

This is what I remember from that “Wishing You Enough” philosophy I mentioned…

“May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to keep you going.”

And concerns about whether we have enough, or concerns rather about the excesses, have been around a while. Epicurus was born in 341 BC, and studied philosophy as a boy, he said: “It’s not what we have, but what we enjoy, that constitutes our abundance.”


You choose… when is enough really enough?

When you’ve had it? Enough naughtiness? Or enough exploring? Enough questions?

Enough pushing your limits? Is this spoken to a teenage child or a competing athlete?


Ok, enough said… it is a subjective term, after all.

Meanwhile, I wish you all enough of the things you want, and enough of the things you need.

Are you getting enough...  or running on empty?

Are you getting enough…
or running on empty?

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